Saturday, February 25, 2012

Marketing Mistakes You Might Make In the IT Market

So, you have this snappy software product that can slash company expenses by half, or you might have a company that is churning out really great software services geared at the IT sector. The problem here is that you do not seem to get enough customers. Why is that so? You might have to take a better look at your IT lead generation campaign. You might not believe the kind of marketing mistakes that can ruin your chances of getting more B2B leads. That can be very costly for your firm, and you might be losing what could be profitable business leads. Better take note of these so that you get them right.

1. Wrong timing - one factor that can make you lose valuable IT leads is the timing of your release. Sometimes, even if your product will work, releasing them during the time they are not needed yet can spell disaster for your sales. The same thing with store openings, too.

2. Slow return on investments - this point comes from the fact that a lot of companies are spending too much in various IT lead generation tactics. The problem here is that they have no idea whether they can have a return on investments soon enough. If not, then it will be a loss.

3. Websites that only sell - that is one area that some companies overlook. Customers want answers fast, and if they have to pay before getting answers, then they will look for someone else. Now, if you give them useful business tips for free, they might think you are worth their time.

4. Forgetting the current customers - business these days is no longer a single transaction type. People want to establish a relationship with a company they have worked with and have been pleased with the service. Ignoring that fact will alienate them and drive them to the competition.

5. No clear annual goals - now that is what you might call as truly lost. Floating in and out every year without clear goals is a sign of bad business management, plus lost client confidence. Better clean up your act and nail what you want to achieve so that you can get real results.

6. Wrong marketing materials - take Burger King, for example. Sure, I like their burgers, but one thing that I find puzzling is their marketing. Who are they selling to, really? Failure to create marketing materials that will appeal to their target market will result in bad sales results.

7. Too many tactics - spreading yourself too thin when it comes to marketing methods can actually ruin your chances in IT lead generation. Instead, focus more on a few mediums, like telemarketing, where you can be more effective (and less hassled).

8. Lacks customer service desks - last but certainly not the least. One thing customers want is for a way to ask help when they have a problem. Sure, it may be in the form of complaints, but if you can fix it, and you usually can, you are actually creating better relationships for your business.

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